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Our services revolve around the 4 basic human needs i.e. Food, Shelter, Health and Education using diverse forms of strategies to ease the
service provision, delivery and pricing.

Value Addition

We seek to offer value addition to the agricultural produce in Africa. By doing this, not only is it giving market to the agricultural produce but also processing this produce in our setup factories to offer value addition and later create market for the finished products in Africa and the world at large.


Tamam Holdings offers, education, that is up to date with society needs and global standards . With the ICT driven markets of today’s economy, our education seeks to conform and blossom with the world's technological advancements which drives all sectors like agriculture, business etc.


We offer affordable and standard health services for people in Africa, both in rural and urban areas. Having poor health services, yet with some of the best health personnel in the world, Tamam Holdings seeks to explore and offer standard health equipment to align with the standard human resource and make improvements where possible. Tamam Holdings will focus on health services all over parts of Africa, eliminating movements from one place/ state to another for health services.


By Studying the African society and environmental needs, Tamam Holdings seeks to provide services that align with the societal setting of Africa. Our dedication to real estate investment gives any one in the African economy to attain a basic housing need, due to our inclusive investment plans that give room for fractional payments in accordance to one’s type of housing need. This will be majorly supported by our emic research of environmental society needs to meet our investment policy

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Our mission at Tamam Holdings is to offer investment alternatives by connecting the people of East Africa and Africa at large to the global market through exploring diverse ways to deliver affordable basic human needs.

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Industry Standard



Annual Report For Forex Investment in East Africa: From 2013 to 2018 the growth rate grew +2.40%

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We are the leading investment group for East Africa to the World

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From Value addition to ensure food security to Health &Education, Tamam Holdings is becoming the leader in the various fields across East Africa.

90+ Active Investments

90+ Active Investments

200+ Happy Forex Academy Graduates

200+ Happy Forex Academy Graduates

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150+ Team Experts

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Nyuon Thikuiy Gang General Manager, Tamam Holdings

Our desire to invest in basic human needs is not driven by the huge potential profit, but by our desire to have a healthy, educated and well off society.

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Jean Mushi Operation Manager, Tamam Holdings

There is no better time to fight poverty in Africa than today and at Tamam Holdings, we want to be on the forefront of the campaign.

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Mutesi Gloria Finance Manager, Tamam Holdings

Food, good health and proper shelter is still a dream in Africa. At Tamam Holdings, we are making it a reality.

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